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The magic of the South Way of St James, Huelva – ZafraAn exciting, seven-stage route steeped in history and stunning heritage

All roads lead to Santiago. Start from the south-west of Spain and be amazed by the beauty of Huelva province before joining the historic Silver Way in Zafra, Badajoz province, on the way to León’s lands.


If you follow the South Way from Huelva to Zafra, you will discover cities, villages and spots across Huelva province that are hugely appealing to walkers: Huelva (provincial capital), the Campiña and Andévalo regions, the age-old mines of Río Tinto or the lush beauty of the Sierra de Aracena y los Picos de Aroche Natural Park. The South Way is 186 km long and is divided into seven stages that offer you the perfect opportunity for calm reflection and to admire places packed with history and beautiful natural and cultural heritage.

It is the only route in Andalusia that connects a provincial capital to the Silver Way in Extremadura without joining the Mozárabe Way first; walkers who follow the Mozárabe Way will join you in Merida.

Come and discover this unique route and be inspired by the magic of a pilgrim trail that is bursting with attractions and surprising connections to St James.


Information and contact:
Provincial Government of Huelva: +34 959 494 600 (Ext: 10235)
Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Huelva: +34 630 250 255
Casa de Galicia: +34 959 241 829 | +34 622 401 280

The Tinto River Natural RouteThe past and future join together in the very red waters of this unique place

There is a river in Huelva that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world. Declared a Protected Site in its upper and middle sections, the Tinto River refreshes seventeen Huelva towns of natural beauty and calmness. To follow its course is to soak up the culture while discovering authentic hidden treasures.

With of all its historical and cultural richness, the Tinto river can satisfy the various interests of its visitors from its plethora of features. If you are looking for a unique place, do not miss its red waters as it passes through the mining basin. The very heart of the earth is here. And who knows if the future is too?. Does this lunar like landscape hide the origin of life as NASA has been investigating? What can we learn from its strange forms of life in environmental conditions so extreme that they resemble those of Mars?

If you are looking to explore history, get lost in the panoramic views of the mills in the countryside or travel back in time through our megalithic past, visiting ancient cultures that left their mark on our province.

For lovers of industrial heritage, the Natural Route of the Tinto reveals hidden Arab and medieval vestiges that coexist with the unique presence of railways, mines and winches. Learn about the mining operations that date back to Tartessians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans, until you reach our peculiar culture with a British footprint.

And if you want passionate adventures, the Columbian Places are made for you, at the mouth of the Tinto, where Columbus, along with sailors from this land, set out for the unknown. The Encounter with a New World, America, would change history forever.

A path dotted with nature and Protected Areas to disconnect and enjoy the best of our province.