Bike touring

Enjoy the beauty of nature in a one of a kind province

Huelva has a unique natural environment for the practice of activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking or horse riding.

With Its many protected nature reserves, its 3,000 hours of sun a year and its mild climate, as well as the existence of numerous trails and routes suitable for cycling, on foot or on horseback, make Huelva an ideal attraction for lovers of these sports and contact with nature.

For this reason, within the framework of the European project Uaditurs II, of which the Huelva Provincial Council is a partner and which aims to promote sustainable and quality tourism in the Bajo Guadiana environment, a web APP has been created that collects the multiple routes and options offered by the province to be explored on foot or by bike, as well as information and news about the hosted activities related to these disciplines celebrated in Huelva throughout the whole year.